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A friend of mine, a lady I know.  She maybe late 40’s (like I know).  A ummm, how do you put this? A larger, shortish kind of lady?  Anyway, my friend has been playing golf for as long as me? Maybe 12-14 months and her scores were like mine, very high.  She started with the highest female handicap index, like me for men and took ages to get close to her handicap.   I saw she got close the week before when I played 18 with her at club.

However, she stuck with it, played often and over time got better and better.  Never losing her smile, enjoyment and tempter (…and we know golf is hell) and finally, she gets a win and a good win.  In her ladies group she got the highest stableford (unsure about net — I added her to my NZ golf profile and she hit a 104 on her 40 handicap and that equal about 8 under her handicap) and won a trophy and prizes.  We thought she missed out but her name was always missed because they saved the highest award last.

Congratulations Missy T.  Well done.

Golf, what a game.  It evens everyone out and at this level, helps those who improve.

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Last Sunday we had another tournament at the club.  It was the Bill Knight memorial tournament.  It was a $25 dollars to enter will prizes to win.  It was a good turn out over 85 players and at least 20 women playing.  It was a theme tournament ‘Hawaiian’ and people were asked to  dress up and there were prizes. I managed to play with some top players.  All less than 11 handicaps and I am beginning to know them well.  It was a shotgun start so everyone started on different holes.  We had the 18th a par 3.   This hold you can bet on how close to the hole you were going to be.  The pin had 2 circles around it and the closest circle as about 3 feet wide the other 6 feet .  I only had a dollar so I bet that.  I hit my 9 on the 105m 18th hole and the ball bounced off the hill banker and rolled within 2 feet of the hole.  I tripled my money and birdied the hole.  Sadly another guy in my division got closer so he won that prize (I know, peed me off too; apparently I said “disgusting” when I heard) but I tripled my 1 dollar and got 3 dollars back. We then played the front nine and I hit a 48.  Not bad I got 3 pars on the front nine but hit an 8 and a 7 on 2 holes.  Bummer.  On the back nine (already had a birdy on the 18th) I hit a 40.  Yep a 40.  That is only 5 over par, off the stick.  I pared 2 more holes (two of my boggy holes, nice) and had that birdy on the 18.  I worst holes were 6’s and one of those was on a par 5.  I ended my day with an 88.  I broke 90 for the first time ever!  Oh gee I am improving.  I need to work on my putting (been lazy as there) but my handicap index is now 27.3.  I am currently sitting at 29.6.  This is a 2.3 index drop.  This may give me a 26 handicap from 29.  I will have to go see at the club to see what that equal in. I have added my new index card to this post so we can see.  Oh, so I won another ham with a hamper (small one), 25 dollars for best dressed male Hawaiian (will post a pic) and tripled my dollar.

Mean day. If you are not playing golf you are a fool.  It is so rewarding in so many ways.

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My golf lesson   1 comment

Many people told me to have a lesson and I have to say, after 30 minutes in a group lesson what I learnt in 30 minutes has improved my golf.

After the lesson, I practiced 4 nights in a row and I sucked. I could not hit it in the air. I was real bad and very depressed. Seriously it sucked badly. On the 4th day I started to hit like I use to and it was better. Since then I have hit 94,96,92,96 and 91 one adjusted. Yep, some are adjusted. Damn those 9 hit holes. But as u may have read I used to hit 120+ and hit a round of 106 four months ago was big for me. Now, I am eying up 89. Oh damn, it will be soon. If I can do a round with no nasty holes! I can get under 90.  Yep

And that lesson helped. I changed my grip. I moved me left hand more over the tope (I am left handed so right if ya right handed) and tried to hold the club more in my right finger-palm grip. I feel the club move on my right hand (me lefty still) and it does concern me. I am trying to still fix my right hand.

The Pro looked at my grip (said my back swing was sweet..mean) and told me to move, “clear”, my hips more.  I am still working on this. Clearing the hips is important but very hard to do –so I have worked out so far.  The pro was also concerned where I hands ended up. I get that. I do focus on my end point.  Watching pro’s on TV help.

I have had some great rounds at the club and some nice handicap wins. After yesterday’s 18 holes at Morrinsville and 18 today (96 and 91-adjusted (was 92) I will be under 29 once the new ratings come out in two week, easy. OMG. My shout when I am under 30. I can’t wait.

Today I got 5 pars. Yep, 5 pars. @were 2 under my handicap but 3 were one 1 under. Nice.

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thanks for everyone following and posting comments

I hope you enjoy my journey

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29 handicap   1 comment

Yep, I think I have hit the 29 handicap.  Yep, I am under 30 for the first time.  Yippie

See that big score, that was depressing that day

current handicap


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Christmas Tourament   1 comment

We had another tournament at the club this weekend. A Christmas one with more hams to be won.

I had my best run ever. I was heading for a 90 before I had some back luck. I hit the ball into a real random hazard so I had to drop out of that. And on the 17th I hit a random ball that wasn’t mine. I should have checked it. So dropped another 2 shots there and i lost focus. So I ended up a 92 adjusted. Damn.

I bought a 3 wood and a 63 degree wedge a few weeks ago. The 3 wood sucked but the week before, when i was learning my new grip, I manage to start hitting my 4 hybrid really well. I used the slow and short swing with the 3 wood (chocked the grip too) and I was hitting it pretty straight and long. I hit no out of bounds, so that helped.

I need to work on my putting and chipping. My putting really does suck and I may need a new putter. Seriously.

My new grip is helping my sore arm too, which is great.

My next goal is to break the 90.


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I haven’t posted in a while. Life has been busy and the soul has been weak.

Golf is still my golf and I have had some great highs and many lows.

I won the junior b match play at the club (handicaps from 26-36). I played and beat 3 other people to win that title. Was a bit of a shock to most people at the club, especially me and those I bet.

I got a few coaching tips from a professional a few weeks back. Changed my grip, when I end up in my swing and moving my hips. Basically I couldn’t hit a ball for a week. Not good when I had a big tournament the coming weekend. However, after 4 nights of practicing I got the new grip working. I couldn’t even hit a ball straight or in the air. It was so depressing. After 4 days of that I decided to go back to my old grip but I couldn’t remember what that was. Funny. At the tournament I had my best game and I hit a 94. Nice and I won a big Christmas Ham. And another Ham in the raffle.


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